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Isle of Skye Flag Launch

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More than a day trip to Skye

Many visitors think the Isle of Skye can be visited in just one day. But the truth is, almost everyone who does wishes they'd stayed longer. Don't leave with a heavy heart, plan ahead, get out of the car and give yourself enough time to really experience Skye.

Backpack Isle Of Skye

Activities on The Isle of Skye

There are hundreds of exhilarating activities, fantastic local produce and an amazing culture to discover. Discover our Island with the help of the locals who know it best, whether that's over a local whisky or fresh local seafood... we cannot wait to share Skye with you.​​

Volunteer Skye

Help us to keep Skye beautiful. Volunteers will work alongside locals to preserve locations across the island; maintaining and creating hiking pathways and viewing areas, and setting up signposting. Together we can all keep Skye beautiful.



Google Map Skye
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Driving around the isle of skye

The Isle of Skye seems small next to the Scottish mainland on a map, but, driving from one place to the next takes time. Our roads meander through moorland, over hillsides and trace the stunning coastline. You'll want to be outside of the car and experiencing this landscape as much as possible. Google maps never factor in our narrow roads, gorgeous views and the curious sheep do not allow for rushed journeys!

There are hundreds of activities in Skye

To truly experience Skye you have to be part of it. You want to walk in the hills, taste the local produce, meet the local people, and find the hidden adventures! It would take over 6 hours, just to drive to some of our most popular sites (that's without stopping to visit) and you’d miss out on so many Skye gems. You’ve not come all this way to drive even more. Enjoy the moments of jaw dropping beauty without watching the clock. The Scotland of your imagination is in Skye. Breathe it in.

Skyetime Podcast

Discover more with the Skyetime Podcast.
Stay up to date, uncover great local insights and make the most of your Skyetime!


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Guides & Ghillies

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Tours of Skye


Whisky, Gin & Ales

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